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Q. I had hip replacement surgery. How long until sex? How do I do it safely?

Dr. Melanie Davis says: Your signature indicates that you are female, and your question is very brief, so I can only guess you are referring to some type of genital-to-genital contact with or without penetration. I recommend that you ask your own surgeon or primary physician because everyone has unique medical considerations. Use very specific words so your provider knows what kind of sex you’re talking about. Don’t let your provider refuse to answer questions about sex after surgery; you have a right to know!
You may also be interested in an opinion by orthopedic surgeon Claudette Lajam, MD, whose post includes diagrams of safe positions for sex that involves the hips: Read Dr. Lajam’s post . (You may want to print it out and hand it to your doctors.)

Nearly everyone who has had total hip replacement must take precautions for 4-6 weeks to prevent hip dislocation. Follow the instructions given to you because no matter how great the sex may be, it can’t be worth having to have a dislocated hip repaired. In general, precautions include:

  • Avoid bending at the hip more than 90 degrees
  • Avoid moving the operative leg across the midline of the body
  • Avoid rotating the toes of the operative leg inward

Caution: This list of common precautions does not replace medical advice from your own providers.

Given the waiting period, you’ll have a chance to enjoy other forms of sexual activity while you wait for your hip to heal fully. Consider masturbation alone or with your partner. Try a sex toy — if you don’t want to shop online, check out your local pharmacy for a vibrator like the Trojan fingertip massager , LifeStyles a-muse, or Durex Allure. You may also enjoy reading or viewing erotica or receiving a full-body massage (avoid pressure on your operative leg/hip). Remember, talk to your surgeon or physician before engaging in any sex play that involves your operative hip.




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