Online Dating for Seniors

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  Q. I was widowed over a year ago and at age 70 I’m starting to date again. My first “new love” is not as interested in me as I have been in him, so I want to try to find other appealing men through online dating sites that accept or cater to older adults…. Read more »

Is Daily Masturbation Normal?

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I am 73 years old. My wife is no longer interested in sex. Now that I am retired and stress free I still have strong desires. I masturbate almost daily. On occasion I need it more than once. Am I abnormal? Melissa Donahue, LCSW, CST says: Often when our stress level decreases and we have… Read more »

How Can I Kill My Libido?

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Our marriage of 39 years has never been stronger. I love my wife almost more than life itself and she says she feels the same way about me. I just turned 70. She is 65. The issue is that, despite my “equipment” being so far out of warranty that it would be easier to raise Lazarus,… Read more »

Sexual Pleasure for Women in Their Sixties

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What’s the best way to stimulate and please a woman in her middle sixties? Dr. Melanie Davis says:   Most women in their mid-sixties know what turns them on or off and would be thrilled if a new partner asked for some guidance. Explain that because her sexual pleasure is important to you, you want to know what… Read more »

Can Sex Without Romance be Enjoyable?

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My question is that I need to know if without romance is it impossible to enjoy sex myself. I don’t know anything concerning that. Please, I need your help. Dr. Melanie Davis says: There are different answers for each person. If you were taught that sex is only OK within a marriage or committed relationship,… Read more »

Sex and Health Concerns

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I am in my 60’s; my husband 82. I had a hysterectomy 3 years ago with mesh. He had a mild stroke and is in physical therapy. He also has bad knees and needs replacement. He wants to have sex as we did 25 years ago, missionary. Now he can’t put pressure on his knees, so I suggested… Read more »

Safer Sex after Vaginal Surgery

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I had surgery that shortened my vagina significantly; therefore regular intercourse is not an option. My husband died a few months ago, and as I think about dating again and having sex, I worry about unprotected sex. I think either a male or female condom would slide off. Any suggestions? Judith Hersh, MD and Melanie… Read more »