When Can STIs be Detected?

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How soon after exposure can STDs be detected by tests? Is this different for men and women? Dr. Melanie Davis says: There’s no easy answer to this question. Some sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are asymptomatic for months or years. Some STIs show symptoms in women, but not in men. The best bet is to get… Read more »

Best Condom for Less-Hard Erections?

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Any suggestions for a particular kind of condom for a man whose erection is not super hard? Dr. Melanie Davis says: The solution depends on the reason for the soft erection. If he has no difficulty getting erect without a condom, he may lose firmness because putting on the condom is awkward and time-consuming. It… Read more »

Male Orgasmic Changes with Age

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I am 74. My 2nd wife and I love each other very much. She is 71. We have been together for eight years. Both of us thoroughly enjoy and value our weekly love-making time in bed, but in the  last couple of years, we have had many instances when I was able to masturbate her… Read more »

How is Trichomonas Vaginalis Transmitted?

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Can a woman get Trichomonas Vaginalis without being sexually active? Dr. Judith Hersh says: Although uncommon, trichomonas has been cultured from water droplets on toilet seats, hot tubs and even hotel bathtubs.  There have been documented cases of women contracting this parasite from hotel bathtubs.