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Q.This is a fabulous website! Congratulations for getting this on the web! I look very forward to perusing the site and learning more. I’m planning to start a blog on sexuality news and resources with a focus in the Pacific (will keep me in touch with the latest and greatest before I decided to go… Read more »

Has my penis gotten shorter?

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Q. I am reaching 70 years old and find it difficult to get an erection. When I was younger my penis was about 9 inches long when it was erect, it is now only about 7 and a half inches when I eventually get hard, is it natural for the penis to shrink as men… Read more »

Thank You!

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Hello, Thank you! What a WONDERFUL campaign, video, and website. I’m so happy someone has decided to do this–and do it well. And, I am so unbelievably grateful that you’ve also included LGBTQ elders in your discussion. They are so often overlooked and ignored. Thanks, and good luck! Kiki

Safe Sex for Seniors PSA Music & Production

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  Q. Very cool campaign. I have just one question – what’s the name of the song? Dr. Melanie Davis says: The original song playing on the terrific “Safe Sex for Seniors” video was composed by Brandon O’Connor of Singing Serpent music company. The lyrics were suggested by Beth Mart, of DDB NYC. Production Company: Paydirt Pictures Directors: Riess |… Read more »

How Long Do STI Test Results Take?

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Q. How long does it take to get test results for STIs? Joan Garrity says: The answer depends on several factors:  what STI (sexually transmitted infection) is being tested for, how long a person has had an infection, and where the test is performed.  Many reproductive health, family planning and health department clinics conduct tests and immediately… Read more »

Safer Sex without Condoms?

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Q. Are there any other methods besides condoms to have safer sex? Joan Garrity says:  Great question.  The best method for truly safer sex is to have sex only with someone who only has sex with you, assuming neither of you has had sex with anyone else in the past.  It also requires taking the… Read more »

Lost My Ovaries and My Sex Drive

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Q.My ovaries were taken before menopause and I haven’t had any desire for intimacy since. My spouse still has desire. What’s the solution? Dr. Melanie Davis says: When ovaries are removed or stop producing estrogen, as they do during menopause (natural or medically induced), many women report a decrease in both sexual desire and comfort. Genital and vaginal… Read more »