Dating After A Spouse Dies

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Q. My husband died 8 months ago of a lengthy illness.  I’m feeling guilty because I am attracted to a widower in our community.  When is the right time to consider dating after the death of a spouse? Dr. Connie Bowes says: Losing a mate is a very sorrowful and challenging time for most people;… Read more »

Enforcing Boundaries?

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Q. When you agree to a safe place to stop prior to sex, how do you “enforce” it? Dr. Melanie Davis says: Good for you to having a conversation about boundaries prior to having sex! If a partner doesn’t respect your boundaries, your relationship lacks trust and safety, both of which are essential for healthy emotional and sexual relationships…. Read more »

Your Senior Sex Questions, Answered

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Welcome to the Senior Sex Q & A blog, where individuals, couples, and professionals can find answers to questions about senior sexuality. The FAQ pages on this site address common questions experts answer in our work, but this blog is for answers you and other visitors specifically request. Anonymously, you can ask questions related to… Read more »