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Any suggestions for a particular kind of condom for a man whose erection is not super hard?

Dr. Melanie Davis says: The solution depends on the reason for the soft erection. If he has no difficulty getting erect without a condom, he may lose firmness because putting on the condom is awkward and time-consuming. It may be helpful to incorporate the condom into sex play. If he loses his erection because he doesn’t like condoms, he can experiment with different styles. Ultra-thin polyisoprene condoms transfer body heat well and feel more natural than Latex. Is he soft because penetrative sex is happening too soon for his arousal and erection to keep pace? If so, he should take things slower, focusing on other kinds of sexy pleasure until he attains a firmer erection. If the issue is physical, i.e., there is a medical reason for his inability to have a firm erection, the type of condom still doesn’t matter. The solution is probably a penis ring (aka a cock ring or c-ring). Available in soft gel, rubber, metal, and leather, the rings are slipped onto the base of the penis at its most-erect state, keeping blood in the penis to help maintain an erection. Some rings also bit around the testicles. Adjustable rings are best for beginners. The sensation should be comfortable; if it’s not, or if the penis becomes more than slightly larger, the ring may be too small.

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