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If I have HPV… (Male).. Can I give HPV to my partner during unprotected oral sex while she performs oral on me?  Does HPV get transfered to the mouth and survive in the mouth? Can two partners with HPV keep reinfecting one another? My partner has HPV lesions in her vagina.. Can she now get HPV in in her throat or mouth from oral sex either just from oral sex anmd then after intercourse as well. Can HPV be transfered to her anus during unprotected anal sex? Could cancer cells from HPV begin to grow there? Thank You.

Dr. Judith Hersh says: Yes, HPV can be transmitted during oral sex and has been found to be associated with warts in the throat as well as oral/throat cancer.  If your female partner is performing oral sex on you, she is at risk.  First line of defense is to use a condom during oral sex.  In addition, anyone potentially exposed to HPV orally, whether from contact with a penis, vulva, vagina or anus, needs to be sure to have regular dental checkups with a dentist who really explores their mouth very carefully.  The rate of oral cancers among young adults has risen dramatically and many researchers strongly suspect that these cancers are linked to HPV infection. If both partners have HPV they will not reinfect each other, but the HPV from the vagina can be introduced into the mouth during oral sex and the rectum during anal sex. For more information on oral cancer, visit the HPV pages at the Oral Cancer Foundation and the American Dental Association.
Depending on the type of HPV the result would be warts (annoying, but not life threatening) or dysplasia which is the precursor to cancer. The type of HPV that causes warts is not associated with cancer, however, the type of HPV which is associated with cancer has no visible signs and often “tags along with” the wart form of HPV. Female pt’s with HPV lesions should have yearly pap smears and if their pap is abnormal and they participate in anal sex, they should have an anal exam as well with a GI doctor or colorectal specialist.




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