Is Daily Masturbation Normal?

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I am 73 years old. My wife is no longer interested in sex. Now that I am retired and stress free I still have strong desires. I masturbate almost daily. On occasion I need it more than once. Am I abnormal? Melissa Donahue, LCSW, CST says: Often when our stress level decreases and we have… Read more »

How Can I Kill My Libido?

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Our marriage of 39 years has never been stronger. I love my wife almost more than life itself and she says she feels the same way about me. I just turned 70. She is 65. The issue is that, despite my “equipment” being so far out of warranty that it would be easier to raise Lazarus,… Read more »

Sexual Pleasure for Women in Their Sixties

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What’s the best way to stimulate and please a woman in her middle sixties? Dr. Melanie Davis says:   Most women in their mid-sixties know what turns them on or off and would be thrilled if a new partner asked for some guidance. Explain that because her sexual pleasure is important to you, you want to know what… Read more »

Can Sex Without Romance be Enjoyable?

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My question is that I need to know if without romance is it impossible to enjoy sex myself. I don’t know anything concerning that. Please, I need your help. Dr. Melanie Davis says: There are different answers for each person. If you were taught that sex is only OK within a marriage or committed relationship,… Read more »

Male Orgasmic Changes with Age

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I am 74. My 2nd wife and I love each other very much. She is 71. We have been together for eight years. Both of us thoroughly enjoy and value our weekly love-making time in bed, but in the  last couple of years, we have had many instances when I was able to masturbate her… Read more »

Lost My Ovaries and My Sex Drive

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Q.My ovaries were taken before menopause and I haven’t had any desire for intimacy since. My spouse still has desire. What’s the solution? Dr. Melanie Davis says: When ovaries are removed or stop producing estrogen, as they do during menopause (natural or medically induced), many women report a decrease in both sexual desire and comfort. Genital and vaginal… Read more »