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What’s the best way to stimulate and please a woman in her middle sixties?

Dr. Melanie Davis says:   Most women in their mid-sixties know what turns them on or off and would be thrilled if a new partner asked for some guidance. Explain that because her sexual pleasure is important to you, you want to know what she enjoys. If she’s embarrassed to talk about it, invite her to show you what she wants, by guiding your hands, mouth, or hips.
Older men and women usually take longer to become fully aroused, so take your time and enjoy the process. Focus on making each other feel good, rather on rushing to each the goal of orgasm. If and when you want to continue toward orgasm, keep in mind that men and women tend to need more direct and sustained genital contact for orgasm. Most women who enjoy intercourse, say the activity feels good but doesn’t provide enough clitoral contact for orgasm. To help her along, use your hand, mouth, a vibrator, or body rubbing to provide adequate stimulation. Again, ask what she enjoys.
Be sure that your pleasure doesn’t always come first — focus on her as often as on your own sexual pleasure so the experience is reciprocal.
You’ll find some helpful fact sheets elsewhere on the website — for healthy relationships and safer sex.

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