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I’m 74 and my wife is 78. She is a resident of a Care Center while her hip heals from being broken, and I’m still at home. She also has Dementia! I’m being advised to put her into a senior home for the balance of her life & go find a replacement girlfriend. My question is, now that I’m at this age, I’ve lost or forgotten how to find a Acceptable date. My friends and family think it’s Outrageous for me to replace my wife. But our state Case Manager is strongly backing their suggestion for a NEW girl in my life. Since when are wives Disposable except until death do us part?

Joan Price says: This is a sad and scary time for you, I understand. Your wife is badly injured and suffering from dementia, and others are advising you to let her stay in a residential facility where she can be taken care of – not temporarily, but for the rest of her life. I can understand how upset you must feel. This isn’t what you and your wife thought your golden years would be.

If you’re asking whether you should start dating, only you know whether that’s the right step for you. No one is suggesting that your wife is disposable, though it may sound that way to you in your grief. I think those who are advising you to date are trying to let you know gently that your wife will not be returning to your home or to your relationship and when it feels right to you to find companionship, it’s okay to do that. They’re not encouraging you to “dispose” of your wife or your vows. They’re trying to look out for your emotional well-being by letting you know that if you do want to explore finding a new relationship now or in the future, there’s nothing wrong with that.
I can see from the way you state your question though, that it’s probably too soon to take that suggestion. Perhaps better right now would be a grief support group. Although your wife has not died, you have lost her companionship and even her presence in your life. A grief counselor or support group could be immensely valuable to you.
When you’re ready, you don’t need to feel guilty about your own need to be close to another person emotionally and sexually– that’s natural and a part of being human. You would not be trying to “replace” your wife in any way, but rather, you would be taking care of your own social and intimate needs. You may need to explain that to your family (or let them read this), if they still think it’s “outrageous” that you might look for another relationship.
I wish you the best. I know this is the hardest of times.

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